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Knockrome, Isle of Jura, 8 July 2013 – News from Sound of Jura

Today we’re delighted to announce the digital release of ‘Phosphor’, the brand new album from Karl Culley. Recorded on Jura and in Krakow and featuring guest appearances from Ash Johnson, Simon Edwards, Phil Harper, Melanie Pappenheim and the Jura Male Voice Choir; the album has been produced by Giles Perring, who also oversaw the creation of Karl’s acclaimed first album ‘Bundle of Nerves’.

Phosphor - KC Cover

The album is available from the iTunes Store and many local Amazon sites, including Amazon UK. Of course, ‘other download sites are also available’, as they say. Meanwhile, the limited edition first run of the CD is also available by mail order from Sound of Jura for £11 including p&p in the UK.

To whet you’re appetites, and to celebrate this first release on Sound of Jura’s record label, we’re giving away a free download of ‘Silver Set of Bones’, just one of the twelve superb songs on the album. To take us up on this and find out a bit more about the album, and our new island label, visit us at…and do all the other stuff like finding Karl Culley and Sound of Jura on Facebook and doing that whole ‘like’ and ‘friend’ thing.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on our Facebook page and the website to find out about our live events on Jura, and to get an eyeful of some of the rather nice photos we sometimes post of the island.

It’s hot here [which, by the way, means anything over 20˚ in these climes], the tide is very low and it seems like a few folk feel slightly bleary today, something to do with Andy Murray probably…..

and there you have it…all the best from

Sound of Jura

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