We have a winner – of a one-off vinyl of Runes

Posted by Karl Culley on February 5, 2014 Announcements | | No comments

Congratulations to Jonathan Thompson of Hull, UK. He wins a one-off vinyl pressing of my song Runes, from latest album Phosphor, signed and with a cover designed by myself. I asked that entrants provide their favourite lyrics from Phosphor and reason why. Thanks so much for all your entries – it was strong bunch that did much to gladden the heart. But as so many of the entries were from friends, and fans who are also friends, I felt I was unable offer an impartial view, so off I sent them, with names removed, to the producer of Phosphor, Giles Perring, to get his opinion, and he singled out Jonathan Thompson’s deserving entry, printed below.

Lyric: from song, Blood Spot Constellations.

‘blood-spot constellations and gun-residue will stain me’

Reason: The image is so starkly realistic and dark it makes me wonder if you really have shot someone, or stared down the barrel and dared to squeeze or not squeeze.